HM Linerfree®

HM Linerfree® is a patented print & apply labelling solution, which does not require backing paper.

HM Linerfree® offers all companies with industrial production and packaging a sustainable alternative with zero waste and maximum flexibility.

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Industry 4.0 - Smart control & user-friendly user interface

Patented print & apply solution for box labelling. Does not use backing paper and thus operates with zero waste.

HM Linerfree® offers a truly sustainable  alternative with zero waste, and maximal flexibility.

Reduces your carbon footprint  
HM Linerfree® is a significant contribution to your company's acctvities to reduce  the carbon foot print via UN Sustanable goals no 9, 12, 13 and 15.

The solution uses 100% of the labelling material contrary to traditional labels, where up to 50% of the label material ends up as waste which must be must disposed of.

The HM Linerfree®-controller has an extremely user-friendly interface with many intelligent functions such as alarm overview, fault analysis, recipe control and collection of OEE data for improvement of line efficiency.


Reduce your climate footprint and eliminate waste

HM Linerfree® is a patented Print & Apply solution for box labelling. This solution stands out as it does not require backing and has double operation time per label roll compared with traditional labels.

HM Linerfree® is a green solution for companies with industrial production and labelling and it offers a sustainable alternative with zero waste and maximum flexibility.


Less is more ...

HM Linerfree uses 100% af the label material and versus conventional labels where 50% of the label material is wasted and must be disposed of often at a cost.

The yellow back paper, called liner or release liner is in fact waste, which must be disposed off.

With HM Linerfree® the need for preprinted labels is eliminated and the label stock can be redueced significantly as all labels can be printed in one format.

HM Linerfree® is prepared for data collection and display of OEE data



No backing paper


% waste reduction

Less label stock


% reduction of label stock

Contrubution to cutting waste


millions tons annually

Operating costs


% savings

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HM Linerfree®-controlleren har en ekstremt brugervenlig brugerflade/interface med mange intelligente funktioner, såsom alarmoversigt, fejlanalyse, receptstyring og OEE-data, som kan bruges til at øge linjens ydeevne.

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