HM Linerfree®

Eliminate all unnecessary waste and spillage in your labelling process. HM Linerfree® uses 100% of the label material and no backing paper = no waste and more efficiency.


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Save resources & eliminate waste

HM Linerfree® is a patented Print & Apply solution for box and package labelling that doesn't use backing paper/release liner.

The HM Linerfree® solution offers industrial production and packaging companies a zero-waste alternative with maximum flexibility.

The solution can make a significant contribution to your company's CSR activities to reduce waste, avoid environmentally harmful chemicals and/or save resources.


Less is more ...

With HM Linerfree® the need for pre-
printed labels is eliminated and the amount of label stock required is reduced, since all labels can be printed in one label format on the fly.

The solution uses 100% of the label material, unlike conventional label rolls where up to 50% of the label material ends up in the waste container and needs to be disposed of.

With a single HM Linerfree® label roll, 5,000 labels (100mm label length) can be printed and applied - compared to approximately 2,500 labels on a conventional label roll with backing paper.


Industri 4.0 - Smart control & user-friendly interface

The HM Linerfree® controller features an extremely user-friendly touch panel with many intelligent features, such as alarm overview, fault analysis, recipe control and OEE data, which can be used to increase the line performance significantly.


As an example, the controller holds numerous recipes, which all can be set-up and modified quickly.


HM Linerfree® is able to communicate with other machines upstream and downstream and has the possibility of OMAC and PackML as an option.

Remote Control & Connectivity

HM Linerfree® machines can be accessed worldwide via the Smart Controller and HM’s Technical Support Center.
It can show data, such as device status, uptime, batch count, key alarms and warnings.

No backing paper


% waste reduction

Less label stock


% reduction of label stock

Contrubution to cutting waste


millions tons annually

Operating costs


% savings