Labelling solutions for pails & cans

We offer high-performance labelling solutions specially designed for the paint and varnish industry. 

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Automatic labelling solutions with quick changeover times

Our labelling solutions offer maximum flexibility, quick changeover times, high speed and consistent application accuracy.

All systems are based on standard modules combined with proven concepts and principles to meet the specific requirements of each line.

Our solutions are designed to work as both offline and inline systems and can handle both filled and empty products. They can be equipped with or without handle-lifting systems, depending on your specific requirements.

Flexible labelling for multiple products

The solutions are typically equipped with a powerful HM 3000S servo labeller, which allows a label width from 120 - 300mm.

Furthermore, we provide multiple print solutions such as integrated industrial print engines, CIJ inkjet, or TIJ inkjet.

As options we provide handle lifting systems, the ability to handle multiple formats, as well as correct product orientation along the line.

  • Wrap-around application on pails/ containers from 0,25 up to 25 litre
  • Front- and backside labelling of conical products
  • Complex solutions for both cylindrical and conical products
  • Special applicators for 360 degree labelling
  • High-speed labelling systems
  • ATEX solutions possible

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