Laser Marking

Unmatched precision and clear, durable markings on a wide range of materials.

This versatile marking discipline enables companies to elevate their branding, ensure product authenticity and streamline packaging processes. 

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SPARK - Small Character Laser Coder by Macsa

The new SPARK laser encoder is an innovative, eco-friendly solution for product labeling. This advanced and yet easy-to-use laser technology offers high performance at an affordable price.

With its intuitive software and online video tutorials, the SPARK laser encoder can be up and running in no time. Even people without a technical background can quickly become familiar with the system's features and capabilities.

When it comes to the environment, laser coders are an attractive alternative to inkjet printers due to lower energy consumption and zero solvent emissions.

Moreover, laser technology is environmentally friendly as no waste is generated that needs to be disposed of.


  • Clean: 
    Lasers utilize green technology with no waste or risk of ink spills. 

  • Adaptable and reliable:
    With quick, precise printing in both micro and large formats.

  • User-friendly:
    Anyone can rapidly learn to operate a laser. 

  • Permanent mark:
    Ideal for preventing counterfeiting and ensuring brand protection.

  • Cost-effective:
    After just over a year, the laser will cost less than an inkjet.


The SPARK laser coder is compact, lightweight, and simple to set up. The new WIZARD software reduces installation time by eliminating trial and error. 


Ready to work with Integranet 4.0. The status of all equipment can be remotely monitored to optimize production line efficiency and schedule maintenance.


The new digital galvos and drivers, together with its dual processor, enable integration into even the most complex production lines. 



The new user interface and message creation software allow for quicker, simpler operation. New templates decrease message creation time by up to 50%.


Advanced laser technology and no required consumables minimize maintenance costs. Online video tutorials enable quick, easy servicing. 


Multiple communication options, like Ethernet connectivity, allow for remote equipment control and status management.



The SPARK laser coder's competitive total cost of ownership challenges the myth that laser systems are expensive. An SPARK laser coder costs significantly less than a comparable inkjet printer.


SPA2 C - ideal for packaged goods

Versatile CO2 Laser Technology: Smart, Reliable, and Innovative

Reliable laser coding in high-speed, dusty and washdown environments.

Experience the power of Macsa's state-of-the-art CO2 lasers designed for high-speed packaged goods applications, including boxes, bottles, and blister packs.

The SPA2 lasers provide consistently clear and legible markings of the highest quality, ensuring permanent and sustainable results in any production environment. With different enclosure options, our lasers can effortlessly mark a wide variety of substrates, including cardboard, glass, ceramics, PET, and PVC, catering to the diverse needs of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets.

Discover the versatility of our SPA2 C 10W, 30W, and 40W CO2 lasers, widely recognized and relied upon in packaged goods applications such as labels, boxes, bottles, and blister packs. These lasers are specifically designed to efficiently code paper and board, glass, ceramics, coated materials, as well as PET and PVC.