Tamper Evident

Solutions for sealing and brand protection

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Flexible and user-friendly

HM 400 TE is designed with a focus on product safety and ease of use. Many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry means that we know the importance of reducing time on batch start/stop, cleaning, and maintenance.


Safe synchronization

The machine can stop and restart the process at any position and still maintain a safe product register.


Advantages & benefits
  • Effective implementation of tamper requirements using seal labels
  • High-reliability thanks to the use of documented standard modules
  • Standard equipment from the start
  • The key component is the tested and tested HM 400TE labels
  • Suitable for a wide range of folding boxes, see technical data for more information
  • With transparent or non-transparent labels
  • Use one or two tamper-evident labels that can be carried on any position
  • Light adjustable for different product sizes, from small to larger cartons
  • Checking the label on the product, with an automatic rejection system for unapproved products
  • Light format change also for RTE cartons