Labelling heads

Our labelling heads feature an extremely high reliability and high performance and are designed for 24-hour operation in tough environments.


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HM Labelling Heads

All HM label dispensers boast a high efficiency and good performance. The controller is built on a powerful microprocessor. This ensures high stability, which, along with stepper motor control or servo drive, ensures high accuracy.

All dispensers are developed in anodised aluminium and stainless steel materials in a solid construction, delivering durability in industrial environments.

100 programs are available via a user-friendly display. The design has been carefully tested and allows the possibility of a simple mounting of hotstamp. Tough, high quality dispensers developed for high capacity labelling of retail products. HM label dispensers stands for quality and are extremely robust and user friendly.

HM 3000 Servo


• HM 3000 S is the most stable and powerful dispenser

• High speed, up to 100m/min

• Label width: 120 / 170 / 220 / 300 mm

• Compact and powerful processor

• Servo drive





HM 600


• HM 600 is a dispenser that stands for quality

• Labelling speed: 0-40 m/min

• Label width: 15-170 mm

• 100 programs available
HM 600 etiketdispenser

HM 300


Compact and user-friendly labeller.
• HM 300 is a small, compact dispenser with high efficiency

• Labelling speed: 0-20 m/min

• Label width: 15-120 mm

• 100 programs available
Max label width









Max label length



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