20 years in production and still going strong

Low Total Cost of ownership  

We recently helped one of our Danish customers, Højer Pølser, with an upgrade of their old labelling system that we supplied over 20 years ago.

Højer Pølser produces and markets charcuterie products of the highest quality through four generations. The basic recipes for many products date back to 1897 and have not changed the original recipes.  

The HM labelling system from 2002 was in such good condition that a minor upgrade and refurbishment of the labeller and conveyor system could significantly extend the lifespan of the solution for another 20 years.

Considering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when investing offers several compelling advantages and helps in making more informed and strategic decisions.  

HM has with this solution provided a low cost of ownership as Højer Pølser invested in a robust labelling system operating for 20+ years, low service costs and the flexibility to re-use as much as possible of the existing equipment when Højer needed to upgrade to new standards.

Design strategy for optimal durability and ease of use  

The success story of Højer Pølser is a result of a continued HM design strategy implemented since the beginning of 1990. 

The design strategy focuses on always using well-known quality parts, designing an easily understandable user interface between different platforms, and the possibility of upgrading electronics and motor parts as an example.

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More information?

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