C-Wrap Labelling Solution to French Food Producer

We recently delivered a state-of-the-art C-Wrap labelling solution to a major food manufacturer in France, effectively ensuring flawless labelling of clear plastic trays.


C-Wrap is a labelling discipline where a single label is applied
to three sides of the product
in a C-shape.

C-wrap labelling has several advantages, such as effective food safety (tamper-evident), more accessible space for product data and/or marketing messages and thereby increased visibility when products are stacked on shelves.

Challenges & Requirements

The task was to develop an efficient labelling solution for marking clear plastic trays (193 x 144 x 30 mm).

The customer required a labelling solution that not only guaranteed high food safety, but also created good opportunities for branding the products effectively when they are stacked in stores.

The ideal choice for this labelling task turned out to be a C-Wrap labelling solution which has the double benefit of sealing the product securely and providing great space for branding.

The Solution

An optimal interplay between label dispenser, print engine, conveyor system, side guides, and applicator ensures efficient and flawless labelling of the plastic trays.

One of the key benefits of this solution is its capacity, which has an average speed of around 35-40 products per minute. This high efficiency not only streamlines the labelling process but also contributes to an overall increase in productivity across the production line.

Furthermore, the solution's compact design and its mobility allow easy and seamless integration, minimizing disruption and maximizing operational flow.

Another distinguishing feature of this delivery is that it is 100% customized to the customer's products. The specially developed vacuum applicator ensures perfect application of the labels, in this case, paper labels.

The solution consists of:
  • HM600P-120mm Labelling Head (left to right)

  • Integrated print engine (Zebra)

  • Intuitive controller panel for dispenser and printer

  • Conveyor system: 300 x 1700mm

  • Special applicator with vacuum chamber

  • Brushes ensure correct adhesion to the trays