Flexible labelling solution for the paint and varnish industry

The solution can handle multiple formats of pails/containers, from 3 liters all the way up to 25 liters with a label width of up to 170mm.

Case story

We have delivered a very flexible and multifunctional labelling solution to a customer in the paint and varnish industry in Scandinavia.

Challenges & Requirements

The customer required a flexible system for front/back labelling of buckets.

The solution needed to be able to handle several different products and in this way be adaptable/adjustable to a minimum of eight size variants (from 3 to 25 liters).

In addition, the customer also wanted to be able to handle round as well as rectangular containers and that the products could be both full and empty.

Furthermore, it was a requirement from the customer that the system could also handle "banana" labels, i.e. curved labels.


The solution consists of two HM3000S servo-driven label dispensers with an HM controller and a Siemens PLC with a touch display for easy operation and recipe management.

The solution allows up to 200 different recipes where all label parameters can be saved.

Easy and quick changeover to other formats via spindles and counters.

For accurate label application, we have designed special applicators to ensure that all labels are applied correctly without air bubbles, etc.

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