Case: Flawless Top Sealing of Conical Cups with Lids

For an ice cream factory in Finland, we recently developed and delivered a labelling solution for conical ice cream cups with lids that top-seals the products with a label.

This innovative solution combines several key components to ensure accurate and efficient labelling of the cups.

Challenges & Requirements

The customer needed a continuous label that sits at the top of the cup and runs down the front and back of the cup. In this way, the label seals the product on both sides.

The solution also had to be able to align the cups at the infeed from the rotary table using a black mark that will be placed on the cup in the future, so that the cup is positioned correctly for the application and the seam of the cups is hidden under the label.

In addition, it was a requirement that the capacity of the machine should be at least 25 products per minute.

The Solution

We helped the customer find the right label for the job, and in order to fit as many labels as possible on the roll, the label had to be positioned crosswise. Therefore, our HM3000S label dispenser was the ideal solution as it can handle label widths of up to 300mm. 

Together with a specially developed applicator and an after pressure unit with air, we provide the desired capacity while ensuring flawless labeling of the cups.

The solution ensures a high level of accuracy during application despite the special label shape.

The solution consists of:

  • An HM 3 roller standard unit to settle/orientate the cups

  • An HM 3000S Label Dispenser, which can handle a label width of up to 300mm

  • Special applicator with foam rollers for precise top and side application

  • A Thermal Transfer printer (Markem-Imaje, SmartDate X45)

  • After-pressure unit with air

  • Round tables for infeed and outfeed

See the solution in action here

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