Top & Wrap Around labelling of conical cups with PE labels

The solution applies transparent Polyethylene (PE) labels 360 degrees around small plastic cups at a high speed of up to 50-60 products per minute.


We have delivered a top & wrap-around labelling solution to a major customer in the food industry from France. The system solves a challenge with Polyethylene (PE) labels that need to be applied around as well as on the lid of small plastic cups.

Challenges & Requirements

The customer needed a labelling system for top and wrap-around labelling of small transparent conical plastic cups containing, in particular, hummus products.

It was a requirement that the solution could apply up to 50-60 products per minute. The transparent PE labels had to be applied all the way around the cups with extreme high accuracy. In addition, the solution also had to be able to handle multiple products.

Furthermore, it was a requirement from the customer that the system could handle "banana" labels, i.e. curved labels, which is a necessity for 360-degree labelling of conical cups.

The solution 

We rose to the challenge by developing a solution that combines our HM600 labeler and HM3000 Servo labeler. The HM600 labeler expertly applies round PE labels to the cup lids, thanks to a specially designed ultrasonic sensor that ensures precise handling of the transparent labels. In parallel, the HM3000 Servo labeler guarantees the necessary capacity for wrap-around labeling.

One of the standout features of the solution is the vacuum applicator, a true HM Systems specialty. This applicator has been meticulously crafted to perfectly match the conical shape of the cups and the unique characteristics of the labels. Maintaining the label's position with a vacuum applicator enables precise and seamless application all around the cup. This advanced technology ensures that even the translucent PE labels adhere flawlessly to the cups, enhancing branding visibility and product appeal. 

Furthermore, we have taken into account the customer's future requirements by designing and integrating a conveyor system with a separator, ready for the future application of bottom labels. This foresight ensures that our solution remains adaptable and flexible to accommodate evolving labeling needs and industry standards.


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