Ink-Jet Marking

HM Systems supplies a number of high-quality products from EBS within the Ink-Jet area. EBS Ink-Jet printers are well-known for high stability and low running and service costs. In addition to this, EBS is strong within pigmented and soft pigmented ink. As a unique thing a patented hand-held Ink-Jet printer, you can bring anywhere.

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Worldwide news. In the event of a power failure, the printer continues its operation for 30 seconds, then the machines make a safe shutdown of the system.



EBS 6900 "BOLTMARK®" series. The EBS-6900, with its innovative design, sets the new standard for up-time and service.


EBS-1500 is a large print DOD printer with a print height of 6-115 mm. The printer can store up to 100 prescriptions with associated setups (eg, print speed and delay). The print head is designed in a high quality steel housing and with electromagnetic technology.

EBS-260 Handjet

A state-of-the-art portable Ink-Jet printer that takes product labelling and coding to the next level. It's lightweight, wireless, portable and versatile - you can print text, graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes.

EBS-250 Handjet

The EBS-250 is patented printing technology that replaces traditional handcoders (such as stencil machines, stamps and scroll coders that are cumbersome and expensive to use, and problematic with ink control).

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