Labelling plastic boxes with new type of removable HM Linerfree labels

We offer a wide range of HM Linerfree labelling materials, where no liner/backing paper is used. Our Linerfree label range is suitable for normal temperatures, cold and wet environments and can be supplied fully or partial colored. As the latest addition to our range, we have recently developed a new material specially designed to be removable on plastic and other challenging surfaces, such as plastic boxes.

Plastic boxes are widely used in many industries offering durability, cleanliness, and hygiene advantages over traditional packaging methods. Explore below how the labelling of plastic boxes using the new type of HM Linerfree Labels can optimize your logistical processes, enabling accurate identification and tracking of products.

Introducing a new HM Linerfree Label Material

Our new Linerfree Labels are specifically designed for labelling plastic boxes, including the E2 boxes commonly used for internal labelling. Linerfree Labels are now also available with a special adhesive and material specification ensuring that the label can be fully removed from the plastic surface without being destroyed, offering the flexibility to update or change the information on the label without leaving residue on the crate's surface. This ensures seamless adaptability to changing inventory requirements, easy wash, reducing waste, and improving operational efficiency.

HM Linerfree Labels offer numerous advantages

Firstly, the labels are removable, and the removal of the labels leaves no residue or adhesive on the boxes’ surface. Their strong adhesive ensures long-lasting attachment to plastic surfaces, preventing loss of labels during transit or handling.

Secondly, the label material is robust and doesn’t tear during removal. A manual re-labelling to the same or another box is possible if needed.

Thirdly, their linerless/linerfree design eliminates liner waste, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Additionally, the labels are developed and tested to withstand high and low temperatures, ensuring they remain intact in refrigerated or frozen conditions as well as hot-humid climate conditions.

The Benefits of HM Linerfree Labels for Plastic Boxes

  • Removable – leaving no residue or adhesive on the boxes

  • Extremely strong & robust material that doesn’t tear during removal

  • Suitable for manual re-labelling if needed

  • Ideal if boxes need to be washed

  • Developed for high & low humidity - high & low temperatures

  • Strong and long-lasting attachment
Understanding the use of Plastic E-crates

Plastic E-crates (Euronorm), available in E1, E2, and E3 sizes, with the primary difference being the height, are specifically designed for the food and meat industry. They have become the go-to solution for ensuring hygiene, durability, and standardized weight measurements. Designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius, E-crates are ideal for refrigeration and freezing applications.


The Significance of Labelling Plastic Boxes, such as E-crates

Labelling plays an important role in modern logistics, facilitating effective inventory management, tracking, and traceability. With the ability to accurately identify the contents of each plastic E-crate, businesses can streamline operations and reduce errors. However, traditional labelling methods can be time-consuming and prone to issues such as peeling, smudging, or falling off due to the demanding conditions of the food industry. This is where HM Linerfree Labels step in, providing a reliable and efficient labelling solution.