Maximal uptime with CIJ printers from Leibinger

HM Systems now offers a solution for continuous inkjet marking that is specially designed to solve the biggest problem with inkjet equipment - dried ink, clogged nozzles, and high service demand.

We are pleased to announce that we are the new distributor of CIJ printers from Leibinger in Denmark. The new partnership with Leibinger makes it possible for HM Systems to offer and meet the increasing demands of inkjet customers, who especially demand no production stops, smooth start-up, and razor-sharp prints.

"With the new CIJ printers from Leibinger we can increase the uptime to a maximum for many of our inkjet customers. They simply get more done and do not have to spend valuable production time nursing the printers “, says Dennis Laustsen, Sales & Product Manager at HM Systems.


CIJ-printere fra Leibinger – Innovative & Smart

Leibinger offers a complete range of CIJ-printers, from entry-level to the highest speeds and most demanding applications as well as pigmented CIJ-printers.

With their newest product – the IQJET – Leibinger has marked the beginning of a new era. The IQJET is the first intelligent coding & marking system, a real game-changer. Its 4 intelligent technologies make all the difference.

Read more about the new IQJET here

Sealtronic – One of Leibinger’s secret weapon against downtime

The problem with continuous inkjet printing is that the ink has to dry fast. So, any pause in production often results in dried ink and blocked nozzles. Not with Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic technology. When production stops, the nozzle retracts, closing the ink loop and preventing it from drying out. To start again, the nozzle extends out again and carries on printing – without the need for cleaning or rinsing cycles. After all, why clean something that doesn’t get dirty?

Since there is no cleaning cycle necessary, you don’t need additional cleaning solvent – which is good for the safety of your staff and the planet. There is no impact on the viscosity of the ink or the quality of the first few prints either. Instantly reliable print quality without spitting or splashing.

In short, Sealtronic removes the cleaning problem altogether, so you enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs, and more consistent print quality. 

Integration with Loftware NiceLabel

As an additional feature, Leibinger CIJ printers can all be integrated with the leading label design software, Loftware NiceLabel. That means they can be fully integrated into the overall labelling and coding processes in the entire production.

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