Powering Innovation: A Partnership with EWII on Renewable Energy

We believe innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability.
That's why we're thrilled to announce the installation of solar cells on the roof of our headquarters in Haderslev.  

Our solar plant, installed by Solarpark, harnesses the power of the sun to generate clean and sustainable energy.

The plant contributes to approximately 30% of our total energy consumption. In this way, a large part of our power consumption in production is now covered by the sun rays that hit Haderslev.

Ensuring Renewable Energy

Although our solar panels cover a significant part of our energy consumption, there still are times when we need additional power.

In cases where we don't produce enough power through the solar panels, we have an agreement with EWII to buy power from them, which is 100% guaranteed to come from renewable energy sources.

EWII says: "The power purchased for HM Systems is produced from wind turbines. Therefore, it also helps to maintain the green profile of the company in Haderslev."

As a result, we can continue to supply our facilities with green energy and maintain our sustainability goals.


Collaboration for a Better Future

By partnering with EWII, we tap into their expertise in managing renewable energy solutions, allowing us to focus on our core business while creating a positive impact on the environment.

This collaboration strengthens our dedication to delivering sustainable and responsible solutions to our customers.

"I can highly recommend others to consider solar cells. We have had great cooperation with Solarpark, who set up the plant. And with EWII, who operates the plant," says Torsten Nyvang Olsson, CFO at HM Systems.

Efficient and Responsible Operation

To ensure optimal performance and minimal waste, we have partnered with EWII to manage the operation of the plant. Their expertise enables us to maximize energy efficiency and prevent any power from going to waste.

In the event of overproduction, EWII purchases the excess energy from us, ensuring that every watt generated serves a purpose.

It's a true win-win situation, as this arrangement gives us revenue from our solar energy production beyond our own needs. At the same time, it benefits EWII by giving them access to additional renewable energy to meet their customers' demands across their network.

Watch the Video about our collaboration below (in Danish) 👇